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Prepare Your Car

Transporting your vehicle is a simple process, right? Your vehicle is loaded onto the back of a truck, the truck drives away and then a few days later the driver arrives with your vehicle and the vehicle arrives as it was picked up. That’s our half of the deal but the customer also plays a very important role in the safety of the vehicle.
Preparation is essential to a smooth and timely transport. If you don’t properly prepare your vehicle for the transport process, it could end up costing you (in the form of preventable damage to the vehicle) and time (if the driver is delayed due to lack of preparation)

Preparing your car for the trip doesn’t require much time or any money. Just remember to follow the steps below and to ask if you have any questions in regards to your vehicle preparation:

A clean vehicle is very important. There’s no need to spend hours of your time or lots of money to have your vehicle detailed, however it does need to be clean enough so that the physical inspection can be conducted thoroughly on the day of shipping. A simple drive-thru wash or a quick at home car wash is sufficient enough. Just so the body of the vehicle is easily visible for the drivers inspection.

A full inspection will be performed prior to shipment. You or a designate must be present for the inspection and will be required to sign the vehicle condition report ; you will be received the point of origin and at the vehicles destination. It is in your best interest that you are at this inspection yourself. Any discrepancies on the condition report upon delivery must be marked on the condition report and signed.

Keys: Roca Car Hauling inc requires that one set of all keys for the vehicle is provided to the carrier, including the ignition, trunk, and glove box keys.

Antennas: Antennas should be lowered or removed. Temporary antennas for cell phones or CB radios should also be removed.

!That is it just wait for your car at the destination point !