Roca Car Hauling- auto transport currently operates in Canada only.

What is "terminal to terminal"?

Roca’s main type of service.

This means you drop off your vehicle at the trucking terminal closest to you. Then we ship it to the terminal nearest to its destination, where the receiver is responsible for picking it up.

What is "door to door" ?

It means the driver will pick-up and deliver the car to its destination.

Our trucks need room for maneuvering without compromising the cargo. Since there are restricted access areas by law, due to low hanging trees, bridges or narrow streets. The driver will stop at the closest terminal and drive it from pick-up to the loading zone and vice-versa. The car needs a license plate, winter tires and insurance. 

Do I need to pay 100% in advance to move my vehicle?

Not at all. We ask for a 50% deposit only. We will require the balance upon arrival.

Will you insure my vehicle?

Yes! Roca Car Hauling will keep it insured while on the truck.

Insurance will cover all (if any) damages caused during transportation. (Roca Car Hauling- auto transport doesn’t take responsibility for damages occurred out of the stipulated times)

Car hauling and door to door auto transport services available in the US?

Roca Car Hauling currently operates in Canada only.

Can I leave stuff in my car?

Absolutely! You may leave items in the car. Although, we allow up to a maximum of  250 pounds and they must not reach the window level in height for safety reasons.

Will someone drive my vehicle?

Our driver will move the car ONLY to get it on and off the transport truck. This is the standard procedure for pickup and delivery. If any discrepancies occur, you’ll find them noted and signed off by the driver on your receipt.

 Although, the operator may drive the vehicle to the loading zone when you hire our door-to-door service. So, if you have a specific question related to this, please call us.

Do you transport non-working cars?

We sure do!

We are able to transport inoperable cars. Though we need to know more about the vehicle in these cases, so kindly reach out for more info on our shipping services. Our representatives will be glad to help out! Give us a call.

Do I have to be present at pickup or delivery times?

Yes. Since the driver will perform an inspection and ask for a signature. We need for the receiver or their representative to be present. If it’s not possible for them to show up, please call our customer service at 403-250-1585.

What if my vehicle is damaged?

Car Hauling – Auto Transport has a team of professional drivers with years of experience.

If any damage to your car happened, then you may notify us as soon as possible so we can help in every possible way. However, the receiver should note damage upon pick up. If we receive the claim afterwards, it cannot be accepted as valid.

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