When it comes to car transportation service, Roca Car Hauling specializes in auto hauling across Canada. Our car transportation service offers our clients efficiency, and punctuality by providing specific shipping dates dates based on an established schedule.

We understand how valuable your time and vehicle are, so we work hard to make each transaction as smooth as possible. We work on a personal level of service at all times. Whether it is providing reassurance by phone, paying attention to detail, or delivering your vehicle just as we received it. 

All of us have paid for some service that has not satisfied our needs. We know how it feels, therefore we guarantee that your vehicle will be treated as if it was one of ours and will arrive as scheduled. Come rain or shine. That is our commitment to you!

Roca is a family-owned company with 10 years of experience in the auto hauling industry. We are based in Calgary, Alberta and ship vehicles cross country. If this is the first time you are requesting our car transportation service and have not decided whether you should book with us, let our past customers give you a deeper look into our work. Check our reviews online or visit our image gallery. 

      Thank you for choosing Roca!

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Office: 403-250-1585 / 403-250-7170.